Love is hard. Love can hurt. Love isn’t always TRUE LOVE.

Love is hard because this world requires balance. Good and evil, love and hate. If everything in this world was filled with love, we wouldn’t be able to recognize it as love. Think about it. Living in a purely happy world means, there can be no other emotions. If there are no other emotions, how do you know if you’re happy?
You can’t force love. If you aren’t comfortable with the person you love, if you can’t be at peace in your relationship, then this person isn’t the right person for you. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t fantastic and awesome and amazing and what you thought you wanted, they just aren’t the right one for you. Go ahead and love but don’t expect the sun and moon from a spark. The universe reveals itself when it’s ready and no matter how many times you meet someone and throw gas on that spark, if it’s not your flame, then it will go out. Don’t invest too deeply in false loves. True love includes a peace within your heart.
I once spent every day of my life throwing gas on embers, using fire starter after fire starter, only to watch those embers get kicked and tossed in angry winds. Frustrated and angry that this spark wasn’t a raging inferno. I was told it should have been, everyone else said so. From the outside (for a long time), it appeared like an inferno. But only because I woke up every morning and tried again to restart that flame. It took 16 years before I quit trying and that flame just died in a cold second. Now I have a flame that is sky high, every day, and I don’t have to throw gas on it. It burns hot all on it’s own. My heart is at peace knowing that when I come home, my heart is happy there. I am no longer frustrated and angry with life wondering why I had to work when others didn’t. Having a fire that doesn’t want to go out doesn’t mean I can’t do stupid things to put it out. We’ve all heard of water and extinguishers. I spend time on my relationship every day all day. I make sure my love is happy and at peace. We communicate, we grow together. It’s a partnership. True love is amazing and wonderful and for those of you wondering why love hurts – maybe it’s time to quit gathering embers and throwing gas on them. Maybe it’s time to find a new flame.

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