My Dad has a Blog

My Dad is a blogger.  He is one of the biggest hypocritical bigots on the planet.

He has rallied for Ted Cruz for months – I keep typing responses like this one into some of his posts but can’t bring myself to hit “send”.

So what you’re saying is that you fully support and encourage Republicans to vote for Rafael “Ted” Cruz?  You do know that he is not a naturalized US citizen (born in Canada – which you railed against Obama for)?  I’m sure you realize he is a staunch anti-gay rights / anti-marriage equality candidate.  Your second daughter is a lesbian.  How does she feel about you supporting such a bigoted candidate with an agenda that clearly focuses on taking away her rights as a human?  Should she not be allowed to love a person of the same sex just because you think it’s wrong?  Isn’t the US built on the premise that religion and politics should not be intertwined?  She’s not asking to be allowed to marry because her religion mandates it. She’s asking to be married because your religion should never have banned it in the first place.  Have you even spoken to your daughter since she realized the hetero-christian box you forced her into as a child was not right for her and came out?  Do you expect her to ever want to spend time in your company again when you hold beliefs that are clearly opposed to everything she is and always has been?  How do you expect her to respond when everything you’ve rallied for and against her entire life slaps her in the face for who she is?

I just want to scream in his face sometimes.