Tomorrow is a Big Day

So I’m having every friend who wanted to come over tomorrow to watch the Super Bowl.  The problem is, with working so much and having a new girlfriend, my house is not party ready.  There’s some grunge here and there, the floors need vacuuming, bathrooms could use an overhaul cleaning, there’s a ton of little fix-it things that need to be done, oh and I need to rearrange some furniture including setting up a room for the kids to hang out in with an Xbox and crafts.

So what do I do?  I starting writing a list of to-dos and my amazing girlfriend announced that she and her mom and her boys are all coming over today to help me clean my house.  I grew up in a home where people don’t offer to help do stuff like that so it’s a bit weird to have someone volunteer to help out with such a massive task.  But she’s here, her boys and my two kids have a list of things to do, and her mom is on the way.  I get to focus on the furniture and the fix-it list while she focuses on cleaning.  I’m happy and feeling a bit guilty at the same time.  I should have been doing a better job keeping my house nicer but I’m very grateful for the help.  She even made cinnamon rolls stuffed with bacon for breakfast.

I’m ready to get going just need to get the music started so we can sing and dance our way to a party ready home.

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