Who am I?

You found yourself suddenly on my blog and are thinking – what the hell am I reading.  Right?  I have a story that just keeps going and most of my friends have encouraged me to write it down.  Possibly turn my story into a book.  We’ll see….  I’m just going to start here and see where this goes.

I want to start by saying I’m a lesbian, a former Christian, and a Libertarian.  I know some of those contradict the others but hey, when you’ve lived the life I have, opinions and what matters changes – A LOT.

I’m going to start with some background but I know it’s boring so I’ll keep it as short as I can.  I was born into a fundamentalist, racist, homophobic family and now I’m an orphaned lesbian.  I was raised in Michigan by a Baptist minister’s son and I spent every Sunday in church from the moment I was born until only a few years ago.  My mom made me wear pretty dresses and tights and I hated it with a passion.  I never considered that I might be gay because it was so unacceptable and the way I was raised, it was considered unnatural.  It wasn’t an option, it wasn’t even something I could reasonably fathom, until my marriage fell apart and I fell in love with a woman.  I look back now and think how did I not realize it sooner.  My friends tell me they’ve always known and thought I was purposely suppressing it.  I would have been so much happier in this life if I had figured it out sooner.  Not that it’s too late to be happy, I just would’ve caused a lot less grief if I had.

Coming out was hard on my family, losing my marriage was difficult at best, finding the new me made it all worth it in the end.

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